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Hub metrics

Reports metrics from multiple projects. Print a report of project metrics comparison.

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  • Mar 12 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Carl Veillette commented
    5 Feb, 2020 04:20pm

    In the meantime I would like to point out that we can easily do that with powerBI and we provides services for that using the form here:

    Here is an example:

  • Guest commented
    9 Dec, 2019 03:55pm


  • Guest commented
    9 Dec, 2019 03:06pm

    Very important feature. We have divided one large site into five projects in BIM Track, representing different buildings. However, it is critical that users at all times can see all the issues based on a selection of different projects.

  • Guest commented
    18 Jun, 2019 08:14pm

    The information required is the same as the reports & metric at the project level. However, it's the ability to aggregate this data at the Hub level (across multiple projects) that is critical.

  • Admin
    Carl Veillette commented
    17 Dec, 2018 11:31pm

    What kind of information would you like to see in this hub dashboard?

  • Guest commented
    27 Jul, 2018 12:33am

    This would be far more useful than the current set up in my opinion. The ability to trend and compare projects on a high level in this window would be great!

  • Guest commented
    23 Jul, 2018 02:26pm

    This is a critical feature.