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Custom user rights

Custom user rights

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  • Dec 15 2017
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    27 Aug, 2019 05:41am

    Also, it would be security-wise if the download function for IFC/PDF/ETC would be a selectable setting for each user, managed by the admin.

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    26 Apr, 2019 06:41am

    I’d like to know if there is a way to manage the permissions inside BIM Track for the different persons that are working with us. I try to explain better. We are the coordinator and promoter of the project so we are “Admin” and "Editor" and we can do everything (like change due date or other main actions…), and then there is the Client that is “Reader” and he can just look at what we want him to see.

    My problems are with the other BIM Managers collaborating with us for Architecture, Structural Engineering and MEP, since they have to be “Editor” to be able to create issues and collaborate, but in this way I loose the control on them since they can change the due date, or change the priority, all actions that i don’t want them to be albe to do. Is it possible to do this limitation to them?

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    9 Jul, 2018 03:38pm

    Have a profile between administrator and owner, which would lead to being automatically a member of a project like the owner