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Customizable issue report template layout

Create custom reports by organizing the layout by section blocks with titles, author, etc. Also a summary section could be great.

Grouping should also be more customizable: no grouping, insert page break after group, etc. Sort order for groups and issues should be defined as a whole, instead of being in two separate sections in the template. Make groups hierarchy more obvious.

Allow the option to show issue ID as an issue property, instead of having it in the issue title.

Define how the report will look like, like the fonts, the scale of images, comments, etc. We typically have 6-7 issues on a page and it keeps our reports compact. We had issues with BIM tracks formatting and some pages with only 2-3 issues per page.

We should be able to choose the order of comments appearing under an issue: from the most recent one or from the oldest one.

It could be also great to do "several reports" in one to be able to organize them as we want.

It would be also great to be able to put in the report who from the BIM track platform was present at coordination meeting for more traceability

Most of the time we add a cover or template to BIMTrack reports, by merging pdfs together. Would be convenient just to be able to add a page template (like a PDF or Word document), or to be able to customize the template a bit more

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  • Jul 26 2019
  • Future consideration
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    15 Jul, 2020 07:39am

    Much of the content on the generated reports can be adjusted in the html code, as a stop gap to a future tool for templates, would it be possible to create a UI in the report setup to amend some of the elements in advance. Such as the summary header: Left, center and right boxes?